Wednesday, November 17, 2004

So this totally fell apart. I was over it before it started. But whatevs. I can start again. Like I could stay away. I'm doing this for my own tasty pleasure.

So the Cobrasnake is effin' famous. Whodu thunk it? The L.A. Weekly is all over that sheezy, and if polaroidscene wasn't kaput before, I'm gonna safely say it probably is now. Or maybe I'm just all sorts of uber-jealous that me and the homies don't party with the purdy people. Yeah, no.

Looks like Joel Stein sucks, like, a lot. Which anyone who's ever seen anything on VH1 ever can attest to. I can't count how many times I've wanted to smack him, myself, and anyone sitting near me when I hear him make a really, truly, embarassingly awful observation that is nothing, I mean, nothing like the brilliance that spews from the mouth of unsung hero, Michael Ian Black.

And I know, I know, praising Terry Richardson is both tired and lame, but seriously, the new miu miu ad campaign gets me all bent out of shape and irrate (both of those being very good in this context). First, the whole damn thing is beautiful. Obvs, its miu miu. Second, Maggie Gyllenwhatever is usually the most biazarre/fascinating person alive, but Terry Richardson also makes her the most beautiful. And finally, miu miu boy would be much less pensive if he just married me. Or came over to play. Either way, I think I need him.

And just because its probably been said a million tims, doesn't mean it can be oversaid, but Jesus In Heaven, will people please stop beating the dead horse we know as "Such Great Heights"? Iron & Wine is one thing, but this John Tejada mix makes me want to vomit in my mouth. So chill, aight? Ok, thanks.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

This all started from the bowels of Southern California. But then I got wise and got the eff out of there and hightailed it west. So now its drunken debauchery from el parque. The Echo Parque. I still can't guarantee good times. But I've got good stories.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

this was my show this week. it was extra mellow and extra good, i thought, so here it is:

minutemen - corona - double nickles on the dime
calexico - corona (minutemen cover) - convict pool
joanna newsom - sprout and the bean - milkeyed meander
papa m - safeless - hole of burning alms
chris brokaw - cranberries - wandering as water - return to sender
my robo bedroom - trust the experts - s/t, s/r
patrick park - nothing's wrong - under the unminding skies
devendra banhart - insect eyes - rejoicing in the hands
jen wood - your turn - getting past the static
sam beam - sleeping diagnolly - lost notes from forgotten songs (six parts seven comp.)
faun fables - preview - family album
maybelle carter and sara carter bayes - i'm leaving you this lonesome song - classic old-time music
elizabeth cotton - freight train - american roots
bonnie prince billy - i see a darkness - i see a darkness
jeremy from boise - fear is a good thing - its called finishing
herman dune (w/julie doiron) - metal mash - mash concret metal mushroom
simon joyner - birds of spring - lost with the lights on
gililan welch - i made a lover's prayer - soul journey
early day miners - perish room - the sonograph ep
mindy smith - jolene (dolly cover and it SUCKS) - one moment more
sufjan stevens - romulus - michigan: the great lake state
rochester fosgate - hold 'em - s/t
matt pond pa - red ankles - four songs
big star - thirteen - a little big star
juana molina - que llueva - segundo
girl talk - touch 2 feel - illegal
coco rosie - good friday - la maison du mon reve

Friday, April 02, 2004

hungry for boobies!!

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Livejournal is so over. I'm back to where it all started. Besides, there are too many NYC blogs and not enough LA blogs. So here we go, even though I don't live in LA. We'll just pretend, aight?

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